Board of Education


Board of Education Members

The St. Bernard-Elmwood Place Board of Education wants to take this opportunity to reaffirm its strong belief in the concept of local control over public education, operating with statutory limitations. 

The Board of Education has the dual legal responsibilities of implementing statutory requirements for public education and fulfilling citizens’ desires for educating the community’s youth.

While the board has an obligation to assess citizens’ desires, it is understood that when citizens elect delegates to represent them in the conduct of public education, they endow their representatives with the authority to exercise their best judgment in making decisions that affect the school system.

The board believes its primary purpose is to ensure the optimal learning experience for the children enrolled in its schools. We believe that we should constantly aim toward having the best school system possible within available resources. We have long realized that achieving district success is virtually impossible without citizens’ participation. For that reason, we are convinced that the high level of success in the district is a reflection of the support we have received from the community.

Pride and involvement have a way of perpetuating achievement. Let’s keep it going.