Welcome to St. Bernard-Elmwood Place City Schools

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In sending your children to our schools, you are placing great trust in us that we will educate them and keep them safe.  Part of keeping them safe in today's environment is to prepare effectively for an active shooter (AS) event.  I would like to share several important details of the safety plans we have developed with the help of our St. Bernard and Elmwood Place safety and service partners.

SBEP administrators and staff have worked with local police and fire services for more than a
decade to create safety plans and to train staff and students in "life safety survival skills," including both ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) and RHF (Run, Hide, Fight) protocols.  Part of being prepared is empowering teachers and students with knowledge of what to expect so that everyone can respond appropriately.  We believe it is just as crucial for you, the parents and guardians, to know what we have in place so that you can help us keep your children safe.

If a critical situation develops, we will announce it, via PA and/or texts, as quickly as possible, so that staff and students can take appropriate actions. We will use plain language (i.e.,  "active
shooter in the school front office area"). Teachers and students have been coached on three primary options for responding to a life-threatening event, such as an active shooter:

1. If they can escape, they will exit the building (RUN) and be directed by safety services to a rally point.
2. If escape is not possible or safe, they will barricade (HIDE) in hardened areas and/or barricade and shelter-in-place, where staff will have "Go Bags" with survival items and first-aid kits. They will remain there until police response teams reach them.
3. If they can't run or hide, and the fight comes to them, then as a last resort, they will FIGHT
= SURVIVE. Studies and research show that a proactive response of this nature increases
the chances for survival, which is our primary concern.

At the same time that staff and students are responding appropriately, the Hamilton County
Communications Center (HCCC), St. Bernard and Elmwood police and fire departments, and other agencies will receive a general broadcast to respond as well.  When law enforcement arrives at the school, they will take charge and immediately attempt to eliminate the threat. There will be no waiting for other resources.  While law enforcement teams deal with the threat, rescue teams will get people to safe areas and to medical help. Recently, Hamilton County safety services (police, fire, and medical) trained in "Rescue Task Force" (RTF) procedures. These trained teams will move the injured to nearby triage locations, and ambulances will transport the injured to local hospitals as quickly as possible. 

Safety services will be staged at Lower Ross Park in St. Bernard, so parents and guardians will be instructed to remain clear of that area.  Many local, county, and federal resources will be utilized and will set up a secure perimeter at Lower Ross Park.

Students and staff will go to a local “rally point.”  A "rally point" is a location where we will send
students when they evacuate the building(s) during a threat.  Roger Bacon Stadium, on Mitchell
Avenue, is the current “rally point,” but we have backup locations depending on the event’s
progression.  From our “rally point,” medical and safety resources will direct students onto buses, and they will be transported to a “reunification point.”  The "reunification point" location will be announced over major media and via text message. The "reunification point" is where parents and guardians can meet their children.  Please make certain that your child's emergency contact information has current phone numbers and up-to-date medical information to keep them safe and to allow us to keep you informed with news and announcements.

Please remember, it is imperative that parents, guardians, or others do not block roadways or
disrupt safety services.  Everyone’s priority will be the safety of our students.  Law enforcement
and safety services need clear roadways to serve us best during this time.  
I am honored to partner with you to provide the best possible education, safety, and services for
our children and employees. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact your child’s school principal or me.  

Dr. Mimi R. Webb
St. Bernard-Elmwood Place City Schools Superintendent

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